Escape games by "Room of Riddles" in Amsterdam

Room of Riddles is a real-life room escape game, originating from computer games. One of the first games with a similar concept that we know of is Myst, a game released in 1993 in which you find yourself on an island, with no clear goal what to do. By exploring the island, you find several clues that form a storyline and make the plot and purpose of the game clear.

Later a new concept with similar game mechanics, the online escape room games, became a hit. Like in Myst, you are put in an unfamiliar environment and have to find your way out, but this time in a single room where the door is locked. This evolved in a version where a crucial new dimension was added: time pressure.

The first real life version of the digital escape room games is Original Piece, founded by Silicon Valley computer programmers in 2006. Over the years, real-life escape rooms became popular attractions in places like Hong Kong, Japan and Budapest, yet more are opening up in Western Europe. 

We came across the concept on our journeys abroad and enjoyed it so much, we wanted to offer a similar experience in Amsterdam. We started in our own living room in summer 2014. From there, our hobby got quite out of hand: soon Room of Riddles became pretty famous due to (inter)national press attention and especially the word of mouth of our guests. This enabled us to grow our hobby together with a great team of Riddle Masters: we currently have 2 rooms with 2 different themes in Amsterdam. Room of Riddles expanded internationally last year, great new friends (who all visited Room of Riddles Amsterdam as a guest) started their own Room of Riddles in Antwerp (Belgium), Barcelona (Spain), Bogota (Colombia) and a House of Riddles at the coast of Belgium. 

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