Escape Game The Architect, Sherlocked. Amsterdam.
Escape Game The Architect, Sherlocked. Amsterdam.
Escape Game The Architect, Sherlocked. Amsterdam.

Escape Game The Architect

Players 2—6 players
Age Age restriction 12+
Time 60 min. to complete
Price 119—129 € per team

About the game The Architect

We have recently discovered a mysterious room, hidden in the very heart of Amsterdam, inside the catacombs of the old Beurs van Berlage. This room has not been used or altered since 1934 and it appears to have been the old office of the architect himself, HP. Berlage. It has long been rumoured that mr. Berlage was a high-ranking member of the most secretive Society of the Crossed Keys, a group of luminaries that has guarded the world’s most powerful secrets, until the year Berlage died in 1934.

No one has seen or heard of the Society or their secrets ever since. We now suspect that the last remaining trace of the Society may be hidden inside this newly discovered room, and this is where we call upon your most immediate help.



Photos escape game The Architect


Address escape game The Architect

Amsterdam, Beursplein 1,
 1012JW Amsterdam

+31 6093 ... Show phone number

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